Food has been an ongoing passion for my wife and I since we first met at UW-Eau Claire.  We were both busy studying hard but we often found time to eat dinner together, with Carolyn cooking.  She introduced me to eating vegetarian.  We were both idealistic and concerned about the environment and mass food production.  For over a decade we were strict vegetarians.  Then we bought our hobby farm.

We started growing our own food in the summers with a big vegetable garden.

Eventually we decided to also raise chickens to eat and for eggs.

We decided if we were going to eat meat it may as well be from our farm.

As we matured as farmers we had our land certified organic and named it Old Orchard Farm, as it used to be an apple orchard until a tornado in 1943.

We added a few pigs each summer and some goats for milk each day.

It has been very satisfying to know so much of what we eat comes from our little farm and our bakery.

We’ve dabbled in selling our produce at farmers markets but ended up deciding to just produce food for our family and friends.

Recently we got serious about perennial plants that produce food.  We added a home orchard with about 50 fruit and nut trees including apples, pears, plums, apricots, cherries,  hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, and butternuts.  We also planted a small vineyard, concentrating on table grapes that will grow this far north.

Food continues to be a passion and now we are passing that down to our two children, Grant and Millie.

They love the garden and can be found eating anything in season right in the garden. Some of their favorites are snap peas, carrots, swiss chard and of course our strawberries and raspberries.

They are in charge of gathering eggs each day and always help us harvest our ingredients for dinner each night.

We hope you enjoy your look around the farm.  Stop back often as we continue to add posts and pictures of our favorite farm undertakings!